Renault- persuading families through a catalogue

Submitted by: Tasneem Mahbub 16/06/2017

Brand Name: Renault         Agency: Proximity Madrid


Society has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Families behave in completely different ways and when parents make decisions there is much more participation from thier kids. Renault realised that there was opportunity to expand their target audience for their new Renault Scenic family car. Parents do consult their children before making purchase decisions. This is even more so when choosing holiday destinations, properties and cars. 

The Case Study

The new Renault was a family car so the idea was to offer different members of the family their own brochures. One for grown-ups made by grown-ups, one for kids made by kids. It would be a timely reminder to the car-buyer that much as they love something a little sportier and cool, at this point in thier life they will need somthing that screams practicality. 

There was extensive preparation involved in creating brochures as the children's brochure was a complex project in terms of timing and details. This version was designed through a series of workshops in which ten kids got to experience the new car and were asked to explain its features in their own words and style. They created all the copy and all the images. 

In this version of the brochure, fluorescent inks lit up the roads at night, there was an incredible pop-up of the sort of landscapes the car could cruise through and plenty of stickers. There was hidden toys to discover, a recipe for the biscuits and a page on which the readers could draw their own Renault Scenics. The brochure was mailed out to prospects and could be ordered online as well. 


The ongoing campaign has been a great success, with some 120,000 brochures mailed to date, leading to:

  • 37,836 users
  • 42,846 sessions on site
  • 61,493 total interactrions

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