Auto Club of Portugal - On My Way

Submitted by: Shareena Patel 20/12/2015

The Auto Club of Portugal commissioned McCann Lisbon earlier this year to raise awareness of an increasing problem not just in Portugal but all over the world: texting while driving.

This public awareness message needed to be immediate and clear, communicating the message in an instant while giving the viewer a lasting memory of the nationwide press and outdoor ad. The solution was to show in full detail the effects of texting while driving, a young boy or girl hung in the air immediately after impact. The chilling effect was achieved by photographing the models suspended in mid-air using a series of ropes and harnesses rather than relying on photoshop, “The idea is that something so seemingly insignificant such as a text message can have disastrous consequences,” explains Andreas. “This is an example of an execution where the production is very important. The image had to look as authentic as possible so the models’ arms and legs were pulled in different directions. The ad is made powerful because it’s so real.”

McCann Lisbon

Auto Club of Portugal  - On My Way